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All energy drinks are supplemented with taurine, which can improve physical and mental performance and energy


Recipe developed with Austrian energy drink experts


We were one of the first to use luminescent paints for our packaging, which glow in the dark


1 can of Pulsecontains 50% of the day 50% of the daily intake of vitamins B6 and B12


Optimised caffeine intake, 50mg per can (20mg/100 ml) = 1 cup of coffee. (ORIGINAL, MANGO, SUGAR FREEE)

Pulse Energy Drink

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Pulse Energy Drinks

Pulse Isotonic Drinks

About Us

Welcome to Pulse, the result of a remarkable collaboration with Austrian energy drink experts who have played an instrumental role in developing our exceptional brand. With their invaluable expertise, we have crafted a range of energy drinks that are fresh, bold, and vibrant, providing an instant surge of energy and an explosion of flavour.